Why buy a Pangolin ballistic protection plate?

Pangolin offers unique ballistic performance products in flexible, light and comfortable packs.

These protective plates are adapted to all movements and morphologies, and respect the highest quality standards by using extremely high-performance technical products and guaranteeing an entirely french production.

By proposing innovative products for which Pangolin has been awarded many times by different competitions including the Defstart competition organised by the Center of Defense Industries in France, Pangolin is bringing back a sovereign know-how in France and accelerating innovation for personal protection.

Pangolin currently delivers only to France. The export of equipment for military use is regulated and currently limited to the national territory for the civilian market.

Most of our products are available on the shelf, so small orders can be delivered in two weeks. However, since all our products are manufactured entirely in our workshops in Haute-Marne, certain delays may be necessary, which can delay delivery by up to six weeks.

The expected performance of a ballistic protection depends on the design and materials we use for a specific product.
The level of protection tested is indicated on each ballistic plate.
Each plate is tested according to NIJ 0101.06 in independent French laboratories, including the Banc National d'Essai de Saint-Etienne, whose quality management system is certified AFAQ ISO 9001.

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Pangolin ballistic protection plates are entirely designed, manufactured and tested in France in the Haute-Marne department according to the highest quality standards.
Pangolin manufactures the entire ballistic material and only subcontracts certain textile components to French companies with very high quality standards (luxury and defense industries).

Current threats are evolving towards the massive use of assault rifles and long guns with fast projectiles, such as AK47. The current soft protections widely used by the Forces of Law and Order do not offer any protection against this type of threat.
Faced with this situation, Pangolin's engineers have developed a complete range of flexible protections adapted to different types of threats, including armor-piercing ammunition.
Each product offers a level of protection that exceeds the current protection standards of soft vests and guarantees comfort, flexibility and lightness thanks to a unique technology.

Pangolin ballistic plates are the only flexible plates in the world that provide protection against 7.62x39 API BZ armor-piercing ammunition while maintaining a much lower depth of penetration than NIJ standards require.
Moreover, unlike many current flexible plates, Pangolin plates guarantee unequalled multi-axial flexibility. This allows them to naturally accompany all body movements and postures, and increases the reactivity of operators. Thanks to this flexible system, unique in the world, the Pangolin plates are forgotten during their use.
Finally, by multiplying the points of contact of the plate with the body, the bearing surface is more important and thus the weight is reduced.

The Pangolin ballistic protection plates respect the SAPI dimensions (250x300x35mm) of the NATO standard and can be inserted in the majority of the plate carriers.

The ballistic protection plates should be cleaned by hand with warm water (without immersing them) with a weak detergent and dried at room temperature before reinsertion.
The plates should never be washed in a washing machine or dried at high temperature.

Ballistic protection equipment should be stored flat, out of the sun in a cool, dry place.

The purchase, possession and wearing of ballistic vests is entirely legal in France and does not require any particular authorisation or declaration.