Innovation for the bravest



A team of enthusiasts.

Thanks to our engineering and business backgrounds in the defense and security industry, we realized that leading companies were still using armor technologies and concepts of the end of the Cold War : same materials, same applications, same limits.

For more than three years, we explored new paths driven by our ambition to develop the best ballistic protection solutions.

Then ambition became a mission.

Innovation oriented.

Thanks to close relationships with the French MoD, our team explored the pros and cons of current ballistic equipment used by special forces and military personnel from all over the world : lack of comfort, heavy protections, no flexibility, low performance.

After a deep technical analysis and through specialized studies in materials science, our team of engineers patented a new ballistic protection technology.

Security & defense forces

Pangolin® develops the lightest and most flexible ballistic protection system to meet the best requirements.

forces speciales


Land vehicles, vessels & aircrafts

Pangolin's lightweight protections allow the maximum protection of security and defense forces' vectors. This innovative technology replaces the traditional steel or ceramic protections that weigh down the vectors and prevent them from combining agility and protection.

Special applications

The extreme flexibility of the Pangolin plates and their lightness make it possible to protect many complex surfaces such as remote controlled turrets and optronics. It also allows to imagine new use cases not applicable with current technologies.