Know-how and innovation for the armed forces

Pangolin Défense® designs and produces in France the lightest and most flexible ballistic protection on the market.

All our ballistic packs are tested and certified by independent laboratories in accordance with international military standards (NIJ Standards).

Pangolin Défense® ballistic protection packs protect against armor-piercing ammunition from assault rifles and sniper rifles, for example.


Our product catalog.

Discover our range of products adapted to your operational needs.

Ballistic Plates & Inserts (Ballistic Packs)

Complete range of soft and flexible ballistic protections from NIJ 3A to NIJ 3 ++.
All our ballistic plates and inserts are compatible with our range of vests, covers and plate-carriers.

Vests, Covers & Plate-Carriers

Complete range of vests, covers and plate-carriers (available in tactical, hybrid and discreet versions) for the police, army and private security companies.

All our vests, covers and plate-carriers are sold with or without their dedicated ballistic packs.

Our Mission

Protection for heroes

The range of ballistic protection offered by Pangolin Defense® is the result of a close collaboration between our engineers and the main actors of the Defense and Security sectors.

Each type of ballistic protection we have designed meets the specific needs of the following user groups

– Armed Forces (Land, Air, Navy)
– Intervention Units / Commandos / Special Forces
– Police  / Firemen
– Local Police
– Private Security Agents / Close Security Agents
– Journalists / Humanitarians operating in war zones

Our ballistic packs can be classified into two categories:

⟫ NIJ 3++ level flexible protections

Arrested calibers:
● 7,62 x 51 M80 NATO
● 7.62×39 API BZ (Kalashnikov AK 47)
● 7.62×54 R LPS (Dragunov)

⟫ NIJ 3A level soft guards.

Arrested calibers:
● 9 mm
● .44 mag
Anti-Knife Standard:
● S1 blade at 36 joules

Made in France

Pangolin Défense® produces all of its ballistic packs in its workshop in Haute-Marne (Grand-Est Region).
We are proud to offer our customers 100% French-made products.

All the ballistic packs we sell are the result of a long R&D process. Before being offered for sale, our products are subjected to a series of laboratory tests. These tests allow us to obtain certificates of conformity to the standards established by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ). The purpose of these official documents is to guarantee the performance of the ballistic packs.

The different levels correspond to the types of calibers to which they are exposed.
In addition, Pangolin Defense® works exclusively with quality materials (fibers, ceramics, fabrics) sourced from the world’s best suppliers (leaders in their field).

In order to fully meet the needs of operators in the field, Pangolin Defense® has jointly developed a complete range of covers and vests adapted to its ballistic packs.


What our customers say about us…

Pangolin Defense® bulletproof vests are a real asset for our agents who have to wear them daily for several hours at a time. Practical and comfortable, the Pangolin Defense® tactical vests fully meet our expectations.


The bullet-proof vests ordered by Reporters Without Borders are highly appreciated by journalists and media professionals covering the war in Ukraine. Their flexibility and lightness are helping to considerably improve the working conditions of journalists and cameramen in Ukraine.