Bullet-Proof Vests & Ballistic Protections

Who we are?

A team of enthusiasts.

Our specialized experience in the defense and security sector has allowed us to see the lack of innovation of ballistic protection players who still use technologies and armor concepts dating back to the end of the Cold War: same materials, same applications, same limits.

For many years, we have been exploring new avenues, driven by our ambition to develop the most suitable and comfortable ballistic protection solutions.

Focused on innovation.

Through close relationships with the Ministry of the Army and the Ministry of the Interior, our team has explored the advantages and disadvantages of current ballistic equipment used by special forces, military personnel and police forces around the world: lack of comfort, heavy protection, lack of flexibility, poor performance.

After extensive technical analysis and specialized material science studies, our engineering team patented new ballistic protection technologies.

Research and innovation, a key concern.

Pangolin is composed of a team of engineers specialized in innovation and research in ballistic protection.

The mission of these engineers is to make ballistic protection and body armor lighter, increase the survivability of platforms, and increase user comfort. To do this, they develop products and solutions adapted to the highest threats, while guaranteeing comfort of use.

Armored vehicles, ships & aircrafts

Pangolin®’s lightweight protections allow security and defense forces to protect their vectors. The innovative technologies replace traditional steel or ceramic protections that weigh down vectors and prevent them from combining agility and protection.

Special applications

The extreme flexibility of Pangolin® plates and their light weight allow for the protection of many complex surfaces such as remote controlled turrets and optronics. They also make it possible to imagine new applications that are not possible with current technologies.

Accélérateur Generate

Pangolin is a member of GICAT and its gas pedal Generate which accompanies it in its development.

Agence de l’Innovation de la Défense

The Defense Innovation Agency is funding a research program led by Pangolin to lighten ballistic protections for vehicles.

Accélérateur Defstart

Pangolin is a member of GICAT and its gas pedal Generate which accompanies it in its development.

Awards and contests

Startup of the day award.

Eurosatory 2022

Innovation Award: Personal equipment / protection of first responders

Milipol 2021

First prize

Defstart 2021

First prize for innovation: « operator environment »

Sofins 2021